Slavi Slavov: The reconnaissance concluded without any incidents

The director of the 48th Rally Bulgaria Slavi Slavov said that the driver’s reconnaissance was completed without incident. A total of 54 crews will take part in the race and today will be the ceremonial start of the race. “Rally control starts work 1 hour before the start of the shakedown, Slavov said. – All cars have GPS tracking devices. Thus, the traffic control can take quick and adequate decisions in the case of an accident. There will be a fire brigade and an ambulance. There are also restrictive bands for viewers. ”

FIA observers Adiz Atabey and Marius Stan are also already in Varna. They have yet to walk along the route and look at the stages. They have both been in Varna before and are happy to be here again. “We hope to become a nice and safe rally,” Atabai said. – It’s always better when we have more drivers from different countries, like here in this rally. This is a good start of the race.”